Ezgi Turmuş-Binici

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Ezgi Turmus-Binici studied tango in Istanbul University Dance Studio in 2004. At that time she worked with many different international tango teachers. She has always been interested in both roles of tango and she has performed in many organisations. After graduation she returned to Samsun in Turkey where she currently resides. Here she founded her own tango community, TangoSam, and started to teach tango to students of all levels. Soon after Ezgi travelled to Buenos Aires and again continued to improve her tango skills, working with some of the best teachers in the world. She is a renowned teacher in her own community and throughout Europe. During 2022 and 2023 she will be teaching at festivals all over Europe, and her workshops are described as exciting and fun.

For more information on Ezgi, visit her website here.

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Festival Workshops by Ezgi

E&E1 Embrace, Connection and Steps: Some Variations in Close Embrace (dual role for those who would like to learn from both perspectives).
E&E2 All About Giros!
E&E3 Playing with Cross/Parallel System.
E&E4 Dissociation: How, Where, When (for leaders and followers).
E&E5 What We Need for Strong Sacadas: Technique and combinations.