Octavio Fernandez and Corina Herrera

Corina and Octavio address the dance from an intimate relationship with the tango essence. They have developed their own unique style from putting strong working hours into practice and study, as well as dancing long nights at the milongas in Buenos Aires.

They have a joyful and intense dance, full of colours. Watch them dancing reminds us why we love to dance tango.

Festival Workshops by Octavio and Corina

O&C1 The Wonderful World of the Structure: Discovering the Tango Cell through the analysis and recognition of its structural base. The Structure as a cornerstone of improvisation; physically and mentally exercising the possibilities, combinations and elements.

O&C2 The Cadence: The first and most important connection between body and music. Basics rhythms and accents. Technical tips to achieve different qualities.

O&C3 Vals: Two ways to play with the Double-Beat.

O&C4 Milonga: Rhythmic precision in the game.

O&C5 Leading or Dancing: Using your dance as a way to suggest movements and lead.

Corina and Octavio dancing to ‘El Ciruja’ by Carlos Di Sarli.