Festival Booking News

Thank you to everyone who booked their place on this year’s Sheffield Tango Festival. We have now reached capacity and are unable to accept further bookings at the moment.

If you have asked to attend and have not yet paid, please do so before 20 February. Places are not secured until payment has been made.

If you wish to attend and have not yet applied, feel free to do so. You will be added to a waiting list and notified should places become available.

Please note that dance passes and any individual milongas or workshops need to be pre-booked. There will be no walk-in admissions to any milongas or workshops on the day.

Thank you for your enthusiasm; we look forward to seeing you in April!

Workshop Bookings

Please note that we still have a few places on the following workshops:

O&C1: Wonderful World of Structure
John Tan: Inside the Mind of a Tango DJ *

O&C2: The Cadence
L&G1: Short Combinations with Crossing Steps
L&G2: Understanding the Milonga Rhythm
E&E3: Cross/Parallel System
Orq. Andariega: Musicality Workshop *
Lucas Gastiarena: The History of Tango Part 2 *

O&C5: Leading or Dancing
L&G5: Playing with Paradas

* No partner needed

For further details check the Programme and Teachers pages on this website.

All other workshops are now fully booked, although we do have waiting lists.

4 December Booking Updates

Thank you to all those who have sent in their booking forms requesting to attend The Sheffield Tango Festival 2023. We are looking forward to welcoming you for a weekend of Traditional and Alt Tango in our beautiful venue.

Bookings for workshops with the amazing teachers we have for you are going well and to this end the following are fully booked:

EE1 Embrace, Connection & Steps

OC3 Vals: Playing with the Double-Beat

LG3 Disappearing the Pivots

LG4 Vals: Sequences to Love

EE5 Strong Sacadas

There is a waiting list for the above workshops in case someone can no longer do the lesson. If you want to be added to those lists please still add them on your booking application. There are however other great workshop topics for you to choose from.

If you have already sent in your booking form and payment requesting the above workshops, your place is confirmed.

2023 Festival Booking is Open Now!

In reponse to many enquiries we’re pleased to announce that bookings for the 2023 Sheffield Tango Festival is now open.

Kep an eye on our website and our Facebook page for links and further details as they become available.

For bookings click here.

So we can maintain a reasonable balance, it does help if followers and leaders book together.

Please make sure that you complete the form with all necessary details.

Note that you do not need to print out the form (unless you wish to); just type in your details, click the appropriate boxes for workshops and milongas and forward it to us.