Tango Photographs

Making a physical record of your tango memories at this year’s Festival is Serge Maillard.

Serge is passionate about tango and a lover of images. His unique way of filming, highlighting the shows of the maestros or mingling with the dancers during the tandas, brings an undeniable plus to our event and a remarkable dynamic to his videos and photos.

Click on Serge’s picture above to find out more.

Getting there…

Just in case you aren’t aware, the Festival venue address is:


Parking at the Festival

If you arrive by car, there are gates and a one-way system. You must enter the School by the entrance between two pillars on Glossop Road opposite the Rutland Hotel and leave by the other gate onto Newbould Lane. Look out for the Primavera Banners!

As you approach the gate you need to stop near to the keypad on your right. You will then see a red flickering light on the left of the gate and it will open for you. Please do not attempt to manually open or push the gate as this will damage the system! When you leave, please leave by the gate at the other side of the main building, which will open automatically in the same way as you approach.

There are pedestrian gates if you are on foot which just push/pull open in a normal way.

There are other users of the School during Saturday and Sunday mornings, so please park sensibly and you must always leave the space next to the downstairs double door for loading/unloading/disability access.

Thank you.

Last Minute Notes

Just a quick update to say that we’re looking forward to welcoming everyone who has booked a place at The Sheffield Tango Festival this weekend.

We continue to receive application forms and emails daily. While we’re happy that so many people wish to join us, numbers are limited and we’ve been fully booked for some time.

By fully booked we mean that there are no spaces left at milongas or workshops. Please do not turn up unless you’ve received a notification accepting your booking as, sadly, we’ll be unable to admit you.

If you have secured your place, on arrival you will receive a list of the milongas and workshops you have booked.

If you’re on the waiting list you will be advised should there be any cancellations.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Massage Room

Again this year: we have two sports masseurs here to help your body through the weekend, especially your legs and feet! Clare and Ryan will be available on Saturday and Sunday from 10:15.

Hi, my name is Ryan and I’m a Sports Massage Therapist. I worked alongside a Physio for a year and have now had my own practice for the last two years.

Hi, I’m Clare. I am a Sports Massage therapist, and I am currently on an MSc programme at Sheffield Hallam University for Physiotherapy. When I’m not studying or massaging, I am training at Ponds Forge as I compete internationally in Springboard Diving for Ireland.

We are both looking forward to treating those aches and pains at the Sheffield Tango Festival for a second year, helping so many talented dancers to enjoy a fabulous weekend! Many thanks.

Cost is £40 for 45 minutes. If you click on their photograph above a form will open which will enable you to book your time-slot.

Orquesta Típica Andariega

Playing live at the Saturday night Primavera Ball at the Sheffield Tango Festival, 29 April 2023.

Orquesta Típica Andariega con Marisol Martinez, ‘Siempre Es Carnaval’. Recorded at the Milonga Parakultural, Salón Canning, Buenos Aires.

Fresedo’s ‘Siempre Es Carnaval’ (It’s Always Carnival) was written as a condemnation of consumerism. From the translation by Tanguito, Argentine Tango Academy:

How many live in fancy dress,
without realising they’ll remain like that!
How many listen to themselves without laughing!
This world is the stage
of a big non-stop cinema
that makes us shop.