Getting there…

Just in case you aren’t aware, the Festival venue address is:


Parking at the Festival

If you arrive by car, there are gates and a one-way system. You must enter the School by the entrance between two pillars on Glossop Road opposite the Rutland Hotel and leave by the other gate onto Newbould Lane. Look out for the Primavera Banners!

As you approach the gate you need to stop near to the keypad on your right. You will then see a red flickering light on the left of the gate and it will open for you. Please do not attempt to manually open or push the gate as this will damage the system! When you leave, please leave by the gate at the other side of the main building, which will open automatically in the same way as you approach.

There are pedestrian gates if you are on foot which just push/pull open in a normal way.

There are other users of the School during Saturday and Sunday mornings, so please park sensibly and you must always leave the space next to the downstairs double door for loading/unloading/disability access.

Thank you.

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