Lucas Malec

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Lucas is both a dancer and a musician. He is originally from the neighbourhood of Caballito in the heart of Buenos Aires and is currently based in Amsterdam where he received his Masters degree in Composition. He started his career as a professional tango musician and then moved into the dance. Currently Lucas Malec is a full-time tango dancer and teacher. He has taught and DJ’d in Buenos Aires and all around Europe.

In Amsterdam he has a Tango school (Tinta Roja) where he regularly works with top level dancers and guest teachers.

We are pleased that Lucas will be giving a special workshop on musicality on Saturday afternoon. As a musician, he is able to explain and translate into movements the different emotions, layers and nuances in the music; as a dancer he is also able to translate this into the physical technique which will enable you to apply this knowledge directly into your dance.

L1  All levels Lucas Malec on Tango Musicality.

DJ Lucas Malec ‘El Tabernero’. Lucas is a founding member of the Pannonica Tango Quartet. As a DJ, his music is characterised by its energy and known for keeping the dancers emotionally engaged, to the point of intoxication, which is why he is known as ‘El Tabernero’. He has played at important milongas and festivals in Buenos Aires and Europe, such as the Metz Abrazo Tango Festival, Holland Tango Festival, Frostbite Festival (Finland), Rosario Tango Festival, Santa Milonguita, Academia de Tango, Amsterdam Tango Marathon, Club Fulgor de Villa Crespo, Maldita Milonga, Salon Canning, etc., always using quality tracks that he selects and improves in his studio.